Widening The Winner’s Circle

An excerpt from Pat Hastings’ article Widening the Winners Circle in The Canine Chronicle which can found HERE

“What I propose is a rule change to allow a club to change the way they hire judges for groups and Best In Show. Let’s give them the opportunity to hire at the breed level only: we would print the premium list as usual except that it would not list judges for group and Best In Show. As the time for group judging nears, the names of all judges on the slate who are eligible to judge each group would be thrown in a hat (box, bowl, whatever) for a drawing to determine that group’s judge. Each drawing would take place only after the dogs entered the group ring.
This same process would be applied to Best In Show. What this minor change could accomplish is exciting to ponder. The emphasis would be returned to the breed level and people would be submitting entries for that purpose. The big winning and records would be a bonus — the icing on the cake — instead of the primary purpose of showing.”

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