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Breed Totals

Boxer AKC TopDogs Using Breed Totals
Starting January 1, 2024 and ending December 31, 2024 
For events through March 15, 2024

Please note:
Updated Monthly-April 4, 2024 

Top 25 Breed

1GCHG CH Molyn's Jug Full Of Gin At DB'sB17609
2GCHP2 CH Irondale's The Legend ExistsD17392
3GCHG CH Molyn's Tempted To TouchB13292
4GCHB CH Bar-K's Love As It WasD19266
5GCHG CH Hi-Tech N Brisbane One Chance FancyB10219
6GCHB CH Pure Pride's ValentinaB8157
7GCH CH Smd Aguacate (Pichardo)D6147
8GCH CH Trail's End Carpe Vino At KmbeeD13137
9GCHG CH Can-Cia And Marburl's King Of SwingD6130
10GCHB CH Farmore's Justifiable BCATD486
11GCHB CH Galaroc's Life Is A HighwayB264
11GCHS CH Anscha-K Krew Number Nine In A Party Of TenD464
13GCH CH Moon Valley Bringing The Heat RND261
14GCHS CH Listons Gentleman Prefer BlondesB660
15GCHB CH Vintage 4m Kill The Messenger CGCD358
16CH Hl's Lady StardustB357
16GCH CH Keju And Happy Tail's Moment In TimeB457
18GCHG CH Lonetree N' R And G's Summer In ParisB251
19GCH CH Moon Valley Hunka Chunka Burnin LoveD349
20CH Envision Sand In My BootsD139
20GCHB CH Firebrand & Soleil's Unsalted At Siglow FDC BCAT CGC TKNB239
22GCH CH Savoye's You Were Meant For Me.D138
23CH Bairbrook's Glimmer Of Gold CGCAB334
24CH Molyn's Coca-ColaD128
24GCHB CH Salgray N Lemko's Perfect StormB228