New Champion

GCH Alerissa’s Reflection of Charron DOM
GCH Shaddia N Charron’s Double Edge Sword DOM
CH Charron’s Lottie Dah At Nantess
CH Alerissa N Charron’s The Hero Gotham Needs
GCH Charron’s Breaker Of Chains
GCH Darb’s There’s No Place Like Home At Breadonway
GCH Charron’s Show Me How Big Your Brave Is

CH Hitt’s Truth Be Told*

CH JenBur’s Enchanted Heart*

CH Roc Haven Chocolatier Sensation at Milmac*

CH Tuscany’s Armani*

New Champions
If your dog has finished recently you can announce it here on the new champion page.
You have two options –
Slide show only $35
This includes slide show for 60 days
Photo gallery combo $85
This includes ( Photo gallery ad 60 days, slide show on the New Champion page with link)