Top 25 All-Breed Totals

Starting January 1, 2023 and ending December 31, 2023
For Events Processed Through: February 18, 2023
Updated March 6 2023
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Updated the first Monday of the month
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WinsGroup WinsTotal
1MBIS MBISS GCHS South Willow's Drop It Like It's Hot
2MBISS GCH Hi-Tech N Brisbane One Chance Fancy
3MBISS MRBIS GCHS CanCia and Marburl's King of SwingD020009455
4GCH CH Shadigee And Pearlisle Brazen RiskB010102386
5GCHP CH Irondale's The Legend ExistsD001013353
6GCH CH Molyn's Tempted To TouchB011004312
7GCHB CH Lonetree N' R And G's Summer In ParisB001105247
8GCHB CH Pinnacle's Deep EddyD010005195
9MBISS GCHS Nantess N Jo-San'd Legend of Narcona
10GCH CH A1 Rastaland's E Shamrock's M. S. QuilmesD000009132
11GCH CH Raineylane's Simply IrresistibleB000206108
12GCH CH Mephisto N Top Knotch Xoxo Gossip GirlB00000367
13GCH CH Molyn's Jug Full Of Gin At DB'sB00000348
14GCH CH Moonlight's Spirit Fire Of CinbarD00000131
15GCH CH Premier Ps This Is Austin CA BCATD00000129
16GCHB CH Kp-Burlwood Walkin' On SunshineB00000124
16GCH CH Farmore's Justifiable BCATD00000224
18CH Pure Pride Top NotchB00000120
19GCHS CH Tj-N-Irondale's Tik Tok At RingsidesD00000119
20CH Anscha-K Krew Number Nine In A Party Of TenD00000217
20GCH CH Just-A-Wyn's Real Women Drive Stick ShiftsB00000117
22GCHS CH Raypat's Plain As Day.B00000115
22GCHS CH Rosehill N Sin's The New ProphecyD00000115
22GCH CH 4m N Mcgee's Easy StreetD00000215
25Murbe Deluna Mister WickD00000111
25GCH CH Goss' Things Have Changed BCAT SWA CGC TKND00000111