Top 25 All-Breed Totals

Starting January 1, 2023 and ending December 31, 2023
For Events Processed Through Friday, May 19, 2023
Updated June 6, 2023
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WinsGroup WinsTotal
1GCHP CH Irondale's The Legend ExistsD38521333,925
2MBISS GCH Hi-Tech N Brisbane One Chance FancyB01368403,431
3MBIS MBISS GCHS South WIllow's Drop It Like It's HotD18252283,300
4MBISS MRBIS GCHS CanCia and Marburl's King of Swing
5GCH Molyn’s Tempted To TouchB02721241,856
6GCHB CH Molyn's Jug Full Of Gin At DB'sB01421191,389
7GCH CH Shadigee And Pearlisle Brazen RiskB021119698
8CA BIS CH/AMRBIS MBISS GCHG Irondale-Desert Winds N Twin Lakes The Way you MoveD0031111624
9CHS Nantess N Jo-San'd Legend of Narcon
10GCHB CH Raineylane's Simply IrresistibleB0215020583
11GCHB CH Lonetree N' R And G's Summer In ParisB001106265
12GCHB South WIllow's Putting On The RitzB0002010237
13GCHS CH Pinnacle's Deep EddyD010006221
14GCHB CH 4m N Mcgee's Easy StreetD0000015214
15GCHS CH Cinnibon's Takin Nuttin For Grant-EdB011206173
16GCHP2 CH Rummer Run Maximus Command In ChiefD000001163
17GCH CH A1 Rastaland's E Shamrock's M. S. QuilmesD0000010158
18GCH CH Anscha-K Krew Number Nine In A Party Of TenD0010010138
19CH Arx Murbe Deluna Elementary My DearD000013137
20GCHG CH Timeline's Whiskey River ATTD000009134
21CH Farmore's Justifiable BCAT D000106120
22CH Summit Ash Garnsey Cake By The OceanB001015119
23GCH CH Baldwin's BansheeB00010398
24Starlyn's Sculpted BeautyB00010297
25GCH CH Galaroc's Life Is A HighwayB00000495