2022 Top 25 All-Breed Totals

Boxers AKC TopDogs Using All-Breed Totals
Starting January 1, 2022 and ending December 31, 2022

For Events Processed Through December 31, 2022
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WinsGroup WinsTotal
1GCHP CH Irondale's The Legend ExistsD3252520511513,374
2GCHP CH Kp-Burlwood Who's Lookin' NowB3201456659,197
3GCHP CH Pure Pride's Never Love AgainB017121651077,554
4GCHP CH Timeline's O'Henry Don'T Let Me DownD24545344,750
RBIS MBISS GCHB South Willow's Drop It Like It's Hot
6GCHP2 CH Rummer Run Maximus Command In ChiefD211642293,663
7GCHP CH Raypat's Chip Off The Blarney StoneD14967422,591
8GCHP CH Streamline's Book'Em DannoD02625602,261
9MBISS GCHB CanCia and Marburl's King of Swing
10GCHS CH Nantess N Jo-San's Legend Of NaconaD00656452,222
11Am MBISS BIS Can MBISS MBIS Am GCh Can CGhS Tybrushe's Livin Notoriety
12CAN BIS CH/AM MBISS GCHG Irondale-Desert Winds N Twin Lakes The Way You MoveD02342392,019
13GCHG CH Charron's I Wanna See You Be BraveD015103481,545
14GCHS CH Hi-Tech N Brisbane One Chance FancyB01425511,450
15GCHB Cinnabar's BellisimaB01424281,426
16GCHG CH Timeline's Whiskey River ATTD01126361,324
17GCHB CH South Willow's Puttin' On The RitzB00321211,029
18GCHB CH Cinnibon's Takin Nuttin For Grant-EdB0024231922
19GCHB CH Pinnacle's Deep EddyD0103428814
20GCHG CH Timeline's Sunshine 'N WhiskeyD0011019636
21GCHG CH Midnight Sky's Dancing In The MoonlightB0113115612
22GCHS CH Hebe Carmargo Sunland BrB011017608
23GCH CH D'Lyn N'Beevee's Crazy X-GirlfriendB0101312519
24GCH Raklyns No Worries Be Happy
25GCH CH Kp-Burlwood Walkin' On SunshineB001115387