2016 Top 25 Grand Champion Totals

Boxers AKC TopDogs Using Grand Championship Totals
Starting January 1, 2016 and ending December 31, 2016
RankDog NameSexGCH Points
No. 1GCHP CH Mephisto's Speak Of The DevilBitch478  
No. 2GCHP CH Cherkei's Dick TraceyDog436  
No. 3GCHG CH Streamline N Inspiration's Crime BossDog374  
No. 4GCHP CH Encore's SovereignDog354  
No. 5GCHG CH Nantess Foolin AroundDog353  
No. 6GCHS CH Rosend 'N Ringsides She's SavvyBitch302  
No. 7GCHG CH Wit's End Night RevelerDog266  
No. 8GCHS CH Shforest's SiroccoBitch256  
No. 9GCHS CH Surfdoms Sailing With The SeadogDog255  
No. 10GCHG CH Happy Tail's Kit Kat Saves The Day & StealsaheartDog210  
No. 11GCHS CH Marburl And Illyrian's Lone RangerDog202  
No. 12GCHG CH Archangel's Ring Keeper Of Vincenza CADog198  
No. 13GCHS CH Hisnher's Keeps You N Stitches At DpBitch185  
No. 14GCHS CH Vixayo's Golden HammerDog179  
No. 15GCHB CH Tebow's Ginger Snap Of ErhabenBitch173  
No. 16GCHB CH Tj's Pulse Of SteelDog148  
No. 17GCHB CH Mircoa N Irondale's Crushing It At TwinbrookBitch142  
No. 18GCHB CH Encore's RubiconBitch128  
GCHB CH Cope-Land's Risky Delight Of Summer SunshineBitch128  
No. 20GCHB CH Shadigee's Calculated RiskDog117  
No. 21GCHB CH R And G's Let The Rumors BeginBitch115  
No. 22GCHB CH Pawprint's Bit O' BlarneyDog99  
No. 23GCHP CH Hijinx This Is How I RollDog95  
No. 24GCHB CH Irondale's Forty Shades Of GreenDog92  
No. 25GCHB CH Rosehill's Prime Time CrusaderDog90