Photo Gallery

****BISS GCHG Wit’s End Night Reveler, SOM
CH Pure Pride Keenen How Can I Refuse, DOM
GCH Pure Pride and Prejudice at Wit’s End
CH Pure Pride’s Thunder
CH Pure Pride’s Let’s Go Crazy at West Paw
CH Pure Pride’s Little Red Corvette
CH Pure Pride’s Diamonds and Pearls
CH Pure Pride’s Baby I’m a Star
CH Pure Pride’s Purple Rain
CH Pure Pride’s Hot Thing

Shadigee’s Comaneci

MBIS MBISS GCHP CinniBon’s Bedrock Bombshell*

MBIS MBISS GCHP CinniBon’s Bedrock Bombshell*

MBISS GCH Hi-Tech’s Shake Rattle N Roll*

BIS BISS GCH Galaroc N Black Dymond’s Gonna Get Real*

MBIS MBISS GCHG Galaroc N Ewing’s Showdown, SOM*


CH Stone’s Absolut Toast to Rumor and Innuendo, CD BN RE TD PT HSAS FDC CAX CGC TDN TATN HTAD*

JenBur’s Enchanted Heart*

JenBur’s Enchanted Splendor
JenBur’s Enchanted Rio Bravo


GCH Rico’s Put Me In Coach*

GCH Irish Whispers of Murphy’s*

MBISS GCHS East End’s Kinky Boots in Hi-Tech*

MBIS BISS GCHP Breho Fortuity Shared Treasue, SOM CD RI RatO CGCA CGCU TKA FDC CA*

Pants for Dogs*

Sunchase’s Signature Black, CD BN RA AX AXJ CGCA*

CH Harlyn N’ Talisman’s The Mighty Quinn*

Int CH Lock N Load Derringer 41 Rimfire*

Glenmere Boxers*

MBISS MBIS Am GrExCan CH Futura Vita of Tybrushe, CGN A/C DOM C/C LOM
Can Ch Tybrushe’s Two Faced Woman, DOMC
GrAm Can CH Tybrushe’s Ain’t No Saint, SOM
MBIS Gr Am Can CH Tybrushe’s Ain’t Misbehavin’, SOMC
MBISS Gr Am Can CH Tybrushe’s Sultan of Swing, A/C SOM
CH Ensign’s Architect, SOM

BIS RBIS Am Can GCH Tybrushe’s Deja Vu*

MBIS Gr Am Can CH Tybrushe’s Ain’t Misbehavin’, SOMC*

MBISS Gr Am Can CH Tybrushe’s Sultan of Swing, A/C SOM*

CH Ensign’s Architect, SOM
CH Ensign’s Impression
GCH Ensign’s Avee’s Vermeer’s Pearl By Design
GCH Ensign’s Avee’s Architect Style Buddha Delight
CH Raklyns N Shilo’s Dock N Dine
CH Raklyns N’ Shilo’s Beachcomber
CH Fanfare All that Matters
CH Fanfare N Ensign’s Steppin Out At Buckskin
CH Redzone’s Jolly Ole Saint Nick of Harmson
CH Redzone’s Ribbons Bow and Holly of Harmson

CH Redzone’s Jolly Ole Saint Nick of Harmson*

CH Redzone’s Ribbons Bow and Holly of Harmson*

MBPISS CGCH Livin n Tybrushe’s Burnin Bridges*

GCH Mason Hills Eye of the Tiger, SOM*

Mason Hill’s & Woodside’s “Juku Blue Sensation”*

GCH Windsong’s Blue Danube*

MBIS MRBIS MBISS GCHG Triple Crown’s Off and Running*

CH Garnsey’s House Party*

Garnsey Boxers*

Am Mex CH Regal-X Black Orchid, TT*

CH Happy Tail’s Moment of Trust
GCHB Naja’s Mi-T Alliance, SOMG
GCH Jokar’s N Happy Tail’s Blonde Moments, CD RA MX MXJ

CH Standing-O N Harmson’s Poker Face*

Harmson N Standing-O Legacy of Love*

GCH Harmson N Standing-O Crazy in Love, DOM
CH Harmson N Standing-O The Love of a Brother
CH Harmson N Standing-O A Brother Love at Redzone
CH Harmson N Standing-O Brother I Love You at JJ
GCH Harmson’s High Noon
CH Harmson N Standing-O Midnight Dream
Harmson N Standing-O P.S. Brother I Love You
Harmson N Woodridge Love Me Tender
Harmson N Standing-O Legacy of Love

BISS GCH Cadance N Marburl’s Rangeman, CGC TKN ACT1
CH Cadance N Marburl’s Don’t Stop Believin’, CGC TKN

GCHS Rummer Run Maximus Commander in Chief*

CH Marburl’s Hidalgo, SOM*

BIS BISS GCHG Marburl and Illyrian’s Lone Ranger, SOM*

BIS BISS GCHB Jokar ‘N Happy Tails Fergalicious, DOM*

BISS GCHB Marburl and Happy Tails Yours Truly*

GCHB Marburl’s Brazos of Shadigee*

CH Shadigee’s Fortune in Gold*

MRBIS MBISS GCHG Rocket’s Oh No! It’s Devo at Fahnestock*