Exhibitors are interested in knowing more about the judges who are on upcoming panels. Judges are interested in letting exhibitors know the virtues they are looking for and the faults they are seeing so that hopefully breeders can work on these in upcoming breedings.

For the directory, some AKC judges who are approved to judge Boxers were asked the following questions.

1. What was your primary breed?
2. Where do you live?
3. Who were your mentors in Boxers?
4. What are your breed priorities as you judge Boxers?
5. What problems do you see in the breed?

We will continue to add to this list.

Click on the judges name to view their response.

Carolyn Alexander.

Eva Berg.

Karen Billings.

Susan Catlin.

John Connolly.

Denise Dean.

Lisa DeRoulet.

Don Dvorak.

Beverly Eichel.

Madeleine Fish.

Sherry Gibson.

Sulie Greendale-Paveza.

Terry Hundt.

Dr. Robert Indeglia.

Glen Lajeski.

Rosemary Leist.

Michael Madl.

Kathy Roberts.

Rita Rynder.

Karon Sams.

Polly Smith.

Sharon Smith.

Dr. Ronald Spritzer.

Thomson Stanfield.

Pam Winter.

Sharon Zaker.