2011 Boxer Regional Week
Judges Comments

Connecticut Boxer Club

October 11th

Judge: Betty Mentzer-Cope

First I would like to thank The Connecticut Boxer Club members for entrusting me to judge their specialty which was a very big undertaking for their first show much less it being part of the 2011 Regional. My ring stewards Maryann Hatch and Elaine Mangiafico were fantastic. They knew exactly what they were doing, and kept me on my toes. Thank you ladies.

WOW, what can I say about the beautiful dogs that were presented to me. I was please with the quality.

My WD, ’SMD Mad Max The March Hare’, came from the Open Brindle Class was a standout in the winners line up. He is such a sound dog with correct size, a beautifully chiseled head and lovely expression. He also had very correct angles. When moving, he kept his strong topline, and moved with no effort.

RWD, ’Hi-Tech Makarenas Future Investment‘, gave WD a hard push for the win. Once again, a lovely dog with a beautiful deep fawn coat, lovely topline, and moved well.

WB and BW, ‘Lazy K’s Dolci Baci’ came from the 9-12 Brindle Class. What a lovely bitch she is. She gave me much of what I was looking for in a bitch. Correct size, lovely head and expression, beautiful topline and angles. She also moved well, with no effort.

RWB, ‘Studio-Baibrook Georgia Okeefe Of Raineylane’ came form the 6-9 Fawn Class was simply adorable, She had the attitude a puppy should have with the correct topline and head we all wish for. I think she should do very well with more maturity.

BOB, ’CH.Winfall Brookwood Styled Dream. What can I say. She is everything any breeder would dream to have once in their lifetime. She is not one to be denied. She has the beautiful head and expression that melts my heart. A correct length of neck that flows beautifully into a correct topline. Her correct structure allows her to move with no effort. She was in the best condition that she could be in. She is one of a few that I would love to have laying in my bed.

BOS. ’Sharledar’s Simply Decadent’, was a beautifully moving dog with many of the attributes that I look for in a mature dog. And to top it off, he had a lovely head, topline, and correct angles that enabled him to move well.

Select Dog was, CH.Jacquet’s Laredo El Encanto

Select Bitch was, CH.Winfall I Dream Of Style

Award Of Merits:

Encore’s Over The Moon (finished the day before)

CH. Highover Black Satin

CH. Pheasant Hollow’s Kryptonite

Although I thought the overall quality was very good, I would like to see some area’s improve. I did see more questionable mouths than I expected. We as breeders have to remember that the Boxer bite is very important, and to remember the bite has to be able to bring down and hold prey. Some I saw could not do the job.
I also would like to see stronger toplines. I think we’re falling behind in that area. Also, unbalanced angles. They also need work.

Betty Mentzer-Cope


Ann Gilbert
Middlesex Boxer Club
October 12, 2011


 First and foremost I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Middlesex Boxer Club for inviting me to judge their specialty during the Regional week celebration. It was a privilege and an honor to step into the ring with such a wonderful entry of boxers. My heartfelt thanks to all the members of the Middlesex Boxer Club who made my stay in Boxborough a trip to remember. Special thanks to LuAnn Gardner, my wonderful ring stewards and their supporting cast who always kept the train moving in the right direction J.
Beginner Puppy 4 & Under 6 Months
I started the day with a wonderful assortment of puppies within the 4 to 6 month range. They were all adorable and trying very hard to be “big” dogs J I was tickled with the typical puppy energy and impressed that they did so well. Some appeared to already be pros in the ring while others showed us all how much we can and cannot expect from puppies this age.
My Best Puppy was Pheasant Hollow’s Keys to My Car-Ma. She was a lovely brindle girl and her eyes sparkled and her little face dared me not to give her the nod. She will no doubt grow up to be a beautiful example of a boxer bitch; she certainly has the right stuff in place.
My Puppy Best of Opposite was Brandiwine First Round Knockout. He is a handsome puppy that possessed the right attitude and breed qualities and will make his mark in the months ahead. On this day his lady counterpart, by only a small margin, edged him out.
Conformation Competition
Let me begin by saying that the overall entry was excellent. There were many classes that separated the winner by the smallest margin. There were five different judges on five different days that saw in their dogs of the day the things we each look for in boxer type. Some dogs were not entered under each judge and some were absent and that too may have changed the course of the exercise. On my day, my path was to stay, as true to the standard and boxer type as my knowledge and experience would allow.
Winners Dog & Best of Winners: My winners dog was SMD MAD MAX THE MARCH HARE a classic brindle male from the Open Brindle class. His headpiece and expression were outstanding and he moved like a dark stallion striding over the western plains. Some would perhaps prefer a little more substance but as a breeder my eye and mind always go to what would be the right bitch to take to such a dog and there are many bitches he would compliment in all the very best ways.
Reserve Winners Dog: My reserve dog was MARTRAY CHAMPAGNE FOR AIDEN from the 6-9 Month Fawn Dog class. He is a well-balanced puppy who showed well and in spite of his youth showed me on the day that he possesses all the qualities needed to eventually enter the winners’ circle.
Winners Bitch: My winners’ bitch was Pheasant Hollows High Fashion from the 12-18 Month Fawn Bitch class. She came out of a very competitive class where boxer type was very strong, yet in the end she showed that extra spark that gave her not only her class but secured her spot for Winners Bitch.
Reserve Winners Bitch: My reserve bitch was JOCAR’S GLAMOUR GIRL OF SUMMER from the Open Brindle class. She presented the perfect blend of elegance and substance and is definitely my kind of girl, type all the way.
Bred By Exhibitor Classes
The Bred By classes are some of my favorite classes and a perfect place for breeders to bring their best examples My Bred By Exhibitor Brindle Dog class was Aboxa’s Comfortably Numb, a sound male with strong breed type. My Bred By Exhibitor Fawn Dog was Belco’s Kiss My Grizz, a beautiful classic fawn male with so much to offer the right girl (s).
The entry in the Bred By Exhibitor Brindle Bitch class presented me with only one entry, which in itself surprises me that more breeders do not take advantage of showing their bitches in this class. Still my winner, Pheasant Hollows Damsel in A Dress showed me great breed type, a beautiful boxer girl head and loads of expression.
My winner of the Bred By Exhibitor Fawn Bitch class was Cinnrhee’s Queen of Hearts and she too exhibited beautiful breed type. Unlike the brindle class there were several good representatives of our breeders’ hard work and she earned her reward.
Veteran Classes
Next to puppy classes, these classes are my favorite. A chance to once again see the sparkling seniors of our breed show us what they still have and more importantly what they still have to offer our breed. Since there was no Best Veteran award presented I was pleased that all four winners of the Veteran classes were allowed to step into the Best of Breed competition where each of them so rightfully belonged.
With an entry of six handsome veteran boys who each in their own way brought quality to the ring, my Veteran Dog 6 Years & Under 8 Years class was strong. I chose Ch. Belco’s Coppertone RN, a very handsome, classic fawn dog that clearly spelled out breed type to me.
The Veteran Bitches, 6 years & Under 8 Years class was also well represented with an entry of 4. What a delight to see those seasoned “ladies” strut their stuff. I chose Ch. Sun crest’s I’ll Sing You A Song who pulled at the strings of my breeder’s heart.
My single entry in the Veteran Dog 8 Years & Under 10 class was Ch. Faerdon Dust Buster, a sound and stylish example of what the United Kingdom has to offer us.
My single entry in the Veteran Bitch 8 Years & Under 10 class was Ch. Belco’s Just Imagine Day By Day. At almost 9 years of age, she has aged very well and still shows that typical bitch spirit we also love about the busy girls of our breed.
Best of Breed Competition
The Best of Breed competitors numbered 21 breed champions, 4 wonderful veterans and my winners of the day. It was an impressive lineup and one I was very pleased to have the opportunity to judge. Certainly my biggest challenge to date and one I hope I met with both knowledge and honesty.
Best of Breed:  GCH Winfall Brookwood Styled Dream. There is little I can say about this fawn bitch that has not already been written. This is the first time Scarlet and I have formally met either inside or outside the ring. Any previous view has always been at a distance. Up close and personal she met all my expectations and then some. I am a hands on judge and the feel of her was fantastic and her showmanship simply cannot be matched. She shines like a copper penny glistening in the sunlight.
Best of Opposite:  Ch. Pheasant Hollows All Time High. He is a young dog with so much going for him. A head and bite that is remarkable, he is short backed and powers himself around the ring with both reach and drive. Although some may consider a little too much substance in my eyes he fell well within my interpretation of the standard. With the right bitches he will produce and produce well. I learned during photos that my Winners Bitch was his daughter so my assumption about his producing is not overstated.
Select Dog: Ch. Pheasant Hollow’s Kryptonite. This handsome brindle male has the complete package well in hand. Sound and square with a beautiful headpiece he was easy to find in the lineup before me.
Select Bitch: GCH Adria N’Keilann’s Taudry Kiss. A stylish brindle bitch that obviously knew what being a show dog was all about. She gave me a pleasing expression and great movement.
Award of Merit: Ch. Winfall I Dream of Style. I know everyone in our boxer community knows that this exceptional fawn girl and Scarlet are full litter sisters and her quality also cannot be denied. I had the great pleasure of pulling her and her sister out side by side for a free bait and I will venture to say that thus far this is one of the highlights of my judging assignment. In the end her sister edged her out on showmanship pure and simple. An Award of Merit was hers to claim without reservation.
Award of Merit: GCH Mahogany’s Will O’ The Wisp. A beautiful, smooth fawn dog that came very close to capturing my nod for Best of Opposite. On another day I would have been happy to point the finger in his direction, however, with the great entry my honor for him on this day was an Award of Merit.
Award of Merit: GCH Jacquet’s Touch of Magic of Cardale. Another brindle bitch that captured in my minds eye a beautiful example of breed type. I can fully understand why she has received the honor of Grand Champion.
And so at the end of the day I was pleased with my entry, could sleep well with my choices and only hope that our breed continues to shine in not only the ring but in all our hearts.
 Ann Gilbert


October 13th
Rhode Island Boxer Club
Judge: Mr. Bob Busby


How was your judging experience? Was there anything that you thought was unique?
My judging experience was fantastic. The job of a judge is to evaluate breed stock, plain and simple. The quality of Boxers was very deep. I judge Boxers often, (my dad loved his Boxers), specialties and supported entries, in the US as well as Europe. The entry at Boxborough offered many quality dogs and bitches.
The hospitality of the show committee was unsurpassed. The show site excellent!

Do you think there is a difference in the overall quality in the dogs across the country?
Absolutely! In my opinion the overall quality and breed type in the Northeast is superior. I'm not saying there are not quality Boxers in other parts of the country. I've judged Boxers from East Coast to West Coast, in my opinion the overall quality is concentrated in the Northeast. I hate to generalize, however the type, soundness, balance, top and bottom line, bone, feet, eye, ear, is of better quality. I do realize that combined specialties bring dogs from all parts of the country. It was a great judging experience for me. I feel it would be an excellent opportunity for judges education (seminars), for newcomers, to see great representatives of the breed.

Did you feel there was a lot of strengths in your specials class? Any Surprises?
OMG! The specials class was unbelievable! I didn't have enough ribbons! I tried not to take so long, I tried to give each dog, each exhibitor, equal time, equal opportunity. There were a few dogs, I felt bad, I could not give awards to because we ran out of ribbons, they were very deserving in my opinion. When we got down to the wire, I had to make a final decision, however at least five more Boxers, in my opinion, were worthy of recognition.

Not just in the specials classes. The dog and bitch classes, as well as the veterans classes, offered great quality Boxers in my opinion. My winners dog really impressed me because the little guy never quit. He held his top line, his movement, balance, he must have been exhausted.......... I know a few handlers were seeking oxygen.

I understand you judge other breeds. How do you think Boxer breeders are doing in comparison to other breeds?
My original breed was Rottweilers. I look for an athletic working dog. In my opinion Boxers are in better shape than most working breeds, including Rottweilers!

Robert Busby

American Boxer Club
October 14th
Judge: Mrs. Sandy Orr

Thank you to the ABC membership for the honor of being selected to judge the 2011 Regional. It is a beautiful part of the country, even if it was raining the entire time I was there J. The venue was great – the hotel was very accommodating and seemed to enjoy having the dogs there. The food was good at the restaurant and the regional dinner was outstanding. I missed all the other events of the week and I hear that there was more good food and lots of boxer fun. Thank you to the clubs who hosted this event – Rhode Island Boxer Club, Middlesex Boxer Club and Connecticut Boxer Club – you did an outstanding job.
I did not take notes so I am not going to be specific regarding placings in the classes. I will only talk about my winners. Overall the quality of the entry was very nice and it was a pleasure to judge so many quality entries.
First I judged the Juniors and although there were only two of them, they were very good. My Best Junior Handler was Brooke Moyer. I love judging juniors – they are so talented and the future of our breed.
My Winners Dog came from the Open Brindle class, BoxerPatch’s Outta Kontrol, a smooth dog, not over done, who moved well and had a nice head with pleasing expression. The reserve winners dog, Nivek’s Stolen Treasure of Sharleder (who I found out later was the 2011 Grand Futurity Winner), came from the 12-18 mo Fawn Dog class. Although he is still young, he is a smooth, good moving dog and should easily finish as he matures.
There were lots of quality bitches entered – there were at least five that could have gone winners bitch any given day. I ultimately went with the Open Fawn, Cope-Land’s Sugar Kane. She moved effortlessly around the ring, very typey with good head and expression. My reserve winners bitch came from the American Bred Fawn class, Highover Just My Style, who was a nice square bitch with pretty head and expression and moved well.
Next came the beautiful veteran classes and they are always tear jerkers. I would love to give them all first place – none of them should be left out. The quality of boxers in the veteran classes, both dogs and bitches, was very good and I really had a hard time choosing a first place. I love to see the old ones who look so good and just enjoy being back in the ring again. Thank you for showing me the old guys and girls – it was a pleasure to judge them.
Likewise the quality in the Best of Breed competition – lots of quality and it is hard to make a cut and leave out some that are certainly worthy of being considered also. My BOB, GCH Winfall Brookwood Styled Dream, is a gorgeous bitch. Although I have seen her show at ABC and at Westminster (via video), this is the first time I have had the pleasure of judging her. She is very lovely, a good example of the breed, moves well and has the head and expression you want to see in a boxer bitch. BOW was my winners bitch – lovely bitch. BOS, GCH Mahogany’s Will O’The Wisp, is a beautiful dog, deep red fawn coat, beautiful headpiece, smooth and moves well. Select Dog, Ch Sharleder’s Simply Decadent; Select Bitch, Ch Winfall I Dream of Style, also received two of my Award of Merit. The third Award of Merit was given to new champion Encore’s Over the Moon who I understand finished at the Monday show and was given an Award of Merit every day thereafter – lovely bitch.
Again, thank you for showing your dogs to me and to the clubs who put on such a memorable regional.
Sandy Orr

We have not heard from Judge Mr. William (Miles) Gunter yet but when we do we will post his comments


Thank you Judges for taking the time to share your experience with us
Caryn Orlando
Boxer Daily

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