Top 25 Grand Championship Totals

Boxers AKC TopDogs Using Grand Champion totals
Starting January 1, 2023 and ending December 31, 2023
For Events Processed Through: April 13, 2023
Updated May 1 2023

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RankDog NameSexGCH Points
No. 1 MBISS GCH Hi-Tech N Brisbane One Chance FancyBitch189  
No. 2 GCHP CH Irondale's The Legend ExistsDog178  
No. 3 GCHG CH South Willow's Drop It Like It's HotGCHG CH South Willow's Drop It Like It's Hot
No. 4 MBISS MRBIS GCHS CanCia and Marburl's King of SwingDog146  
No. 5 GCHB CH 4m N Mcgee's Easy StreetDog145  
No. 6 GCHB CH Molyn's Jug Full Of Gin At DB'sBitch129  
No. 7 GCH Molyn’s Tempted To TouchBitch118  
No. 8 CHS Nantess N Jo-San'd Legend of Narcona
No. 9 GCH CH A1 Rastaland's E Shamrock's M. S. QuilmesDog76  
No. 10 GCHB CH Raineylane's Simply IrresistibleBitch71  
No. 11 GCHB CH Lonetree N' R And G's Summer In ParisBitch69  
No. 12 GCHG CH Timeline's Whiskey River ATTDog62  
No. 13 GCHS CH Pinnacle's Deep EddyDog53  
No. 14 GCH CH Galaroc's Life Is A HighwayBitch52  
No. 15 GCH CH Anscha-K Krew Number Nine In A Party Of TenDog50  
No. 16 GCHB South WIllow's Putting On The RitzBitch44  
No. 17 GCHG CH Timeline's Sunshine 'N WhiskeyDog43  
No. 18 GCH CH Molyn's HandmadeDog33  
No. 19 CH Farmore's Justifiable BCAT Dog31  
CA BIS CH/AMRBIS MBISS GCHG Irondale-Desert Winds N Twin Lakes The Way you Move
No. 21 GCH CH Mcginnis Diamond In The Ruff BCATBitch30  
No. 22 GCH CH Mephisto N Top Knotch Xoxo Gossip GirlBitch28  
GCH CH Shadigee And Pearlisle Brazen RiskBitch28  
No. 24 CH Lattalane's Candle In The WindBitch25  
GCH CH Listons Gentleman Prefer BlondesBitch25  
GCH CH Irondale's Purple RainBitch25  
MBISS GCHB CH Kp-Burlwood’s Walkin’ On Sunshine Bitch25