Top 25 Breed Totals

Boxers AKC TopDogs Using Breed Totals
Starting January 1, 2020 and ending December 31, 2020

For Events Processed Through March 6, 2020

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1GCHP CH Rummer Run Maximus Command In ChiefD27610
2GCHP2 CH Cinnibon's Bedrock BombshellB22346
3GCHB CH Mephisto Dances With The DevilB17337
4GCHG CH Galaroc N Black Dymond's Gonna Get RealD9294
5GCHS CH Rico's Put Me In CoachD10224
6GCHS CH Raypat's Chip Off The Blarney StoneD11201
7GCH CH Kp-Burlwood Who's Lookin' NowB6162
8GCHP CH Triple Crown's Off And RunningB6142
9GCHB CH Jr's Dominga (Mendez)B7102
9GCHP2 CH Irondale's Just A Good Ole BoyD6102
11GCHS CH La Pawz' Uptown Funk You Up CAD289
12GCHS CH Hi-Tech Champagne Cristal Rose THDN CGCB583
13GCHB CH Mephisto N Toprank Oooh LalaB478
15GCH CH Shadigee's Sailing With The Captain At Ashlus CGCD477
16GCHG CH Julian Farm's Sweet Southern ComfortD453
17GCH CH Avalon's BoleroD352
18GCH CH Streamline's Book'Em DannoD247
18CH Mason Hill's & Woodside's Juku Blue SensationD147
20GCHG CH Irondale's ThunderstruckD444
21GCH CH Charron's Devil's Cut For FarmoreD241
22CH Hallmark N Eleve's Mystical SpiritD131
23CH Cinnibon's Another Round Of AplawsD124
24CH Illyrian And Marburl's Debonair Of MaxlD121
25CH Harmson N Standing-O Legacy Of LoveB114